Do You Even Study?

‘Why are you even baking?’ 

‘Do you even study?’

‘You are too relaxed.’

Oh hi there. I’ve been getting these comments lately and I appreciate your concern. But let me tell you a little bit of myself, then you might be able to see it better.

It is now 3.25pm and I’m writing this post after having already done 6 hours of work today (yes, Saturday, WEEKEND, WHAT).

I start my work every day at 8.30am and on average, I do about 6-9 hours of work a day.

I don’t watch tv series, I don’t play video games and I don’t have time to read more books (law reading is quite enough).

So yes, 2 hours of baking on Monday out of the 30-40 hours of work I do every week is my break. It is normally the only break I have, and the only break that takes my mind off work. I really enjoy baking, even though I’m not amazing at it, and I make sure I do all my work so I can make space for those 2 hours.

I really do work hard and do my best, but you must understand that everyone has a different way of relaxing. My monday posts are not a reflection of what I do for the rest of the week.

So don’t hate, appreciate. 🙂


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