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3 Simple Exam Bakes!

Exam season has come upon us!!! And yes, we all need that sugar rush to get through those all-nighters, tears and insane hours of procrastination by watching all the Game of Thrones seasons again (Wait, I don’t do that … Of course not…) Well, let me come to rescue with these three simple desserts that you can… Continue reading 3 Simple Exam Bakes!


S’mores Seasalt Brownie

Yes, I lied, it’s not a Monday… But I had to bake this for a church event for tomorrow, and I didn’t have the time to bake twice tomorrow. Here’s the basic recipe: As usual, I made some amendments to it (found below). This brownie is EXTREMELY CHOCOLATEY AND EXTREMELY FUDGEY. One of the best I’ve… Continue reading S’mores Seasalt Brownie